Bashagha calls for supporting the new government

The Minister of Interior of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fathy Bashagha, said that “our work continues” until the new government is endorsed by the House of Representatives (HoR), asserting their readiness to hand over the power.

In a news conference, Bashagha urged all to support the new government to get endorsed by the HoR, acquire the constitutional legitimacy, and lead the country to the scheduled elections, asserting that all Libyans have to provide help.

Bashagha indicated that “the security personnel have nothing to do with any government; their only duty is to protect the citizens and their properties.”

He also said he would visit Barqa, the Eastern side of Libya, within the reconciliation framework, calling all to work against corruption and political opportunism.

“We work in a patriotic manner not political; it won’t get political until Libya becomes a strong and unified country”, said Bashagha. He added that “common national work is more important, away from political opportunism.”

Bashagha warned that corruption is the primary enemy; it had become rampant in all state institutions that need financial and administrative reform.

He stated that corruption brought Libya to the brink of poverty, adding that “corruption is our next battle, it is not limited to the government only, but requires everyone”.


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