A transitional UN plan to support recovery in Derna

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) announced that it is working on preparing a transitional plan to focus on early recovery and reconstruction and handing over some tasks related to long-term support through the United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework, as the emergency response phase in flood-affected areas ends by next June.

The OCHA indicated that this transition is being managed through consultations between the UN mission, technical working groups, donors, UN agencies, non-governmental organizations and local initiatives, to determine a time frame that ensures the effective completion of humanitarian assistance and a smooth transition to early recovery and reconstruction.

After more than six months since the Derna tragedy, the OCHA has confirmed that the working groups have made great strides in their humanitarian response.

Regarding aid, the United Nations confirmed that more than 140,000 people benefited from sanitation services, rehabilitation of wells, and expansion of the water network. It has also indicated that food aid delivered via prepaid cards, totaling more than 128,000 US dollars, was delivered to more than six thousand citizens.


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