Libya, Italy, Algeria and Tunisia review solutions to illegal immigration

Italian capital, Rome, hosted on Thursday a meeting of the interior ministers of Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Italy, where they discussed issues related to managing illegal flows of immigrants and adopting a comprehensive approach to combating the phenomenon, according to the Italian Nova news agency.

The meeting saw discussions on strengthening the strategy for assisting voluntary repatriation as part of a control room that would meet in the next few days, in addition to exchanging information to combat the criminal networks that manage human trafficking, according to the Italian Ministry of the Interior.

Libyan Minister of the Interior Minister Emad Al-Trabelsi, Italy’s Matteo Piantedosi, Algeria’s Brahim Merad, and Tunisia’s Kamel Feki, attended the meeting.

The Libyan Ministry of the Interior explained that security officials participated in the coordination meeting to discuss cooperation on the issues of border security and illegal immigration.

It added that the meeting aimed to unify visions and adopt a comprehensive approach to combating illegal immigration, taking into account the interests of source, transit and destination countries, as well as setting strategies to combat illegal immigration.


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