Atlantic Council: The next UN envoy to Libya will not be able to resolve the crisis

The Atlantic Council has projected that the next UN envoy to Libya will not be able to resolve the political impasse as long as factional leaders remain unwilling to participate meaningfully in UN initiatives.

The Atlantic added that the political stalemate in Libya is unlikely to change anytime soon, noting that the motivation behind Bathily’s resignation is the inability of the United Nations to successfully support the political transition process.

The Council noted that despite the return of relative calm since the failure of Haftar’s aggression against Tripoli, this has not facilitated the resumption of the national dialogue nor the start of the transitional process necessary to organize the elections.

It also noted the postponement of the planned national reconciliation conference due to the intransigence of rival parties, which was initially scheduled to be held on April 28.

According to the Council, the recent conditions allowed the balance of power between the different political factions to freeze in place, making them unwilling to give up their power by starting an unpredictable transition to elections that could undermine the status quo.


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