Bashagha: Haftar’s aggression on Tripoli cost Libya $36 billion in oil revenue losses

The Libyan Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha has confirmed that the aggression of Khalifa Haftar’s militias on Tripoli has cost Libya 36 billion dollars in lost oil revenue so far.

Bashagha added that Libya is now suffering from the lack of fair distribution of wealth as it needs an urgent system for the budget that guarantees distributing the revenues in a lesser central way.

The Libyan Interior Minister of the Government of National Accord, Bashagha, added that it is very pivotal that the public sector and the banking system in Libya are reformed.

Meanwhile, Bashagha added that there are 280.000 Interior Ministry employees who receive their salaries from the Ministry, saying some gunmen who fight for Khalifa Haftar are receiving their salaries from the Government of National Accord.


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