Clashes in Gharyan leave two people killed

Two people have been killed and two others injured in clashes in Gharyan – northwestern Libya, according to the manager of the Gharyan Hospital, Khalid Zuweit’s statement to Libya Al-Ahrar TV.

The residents of Gharyan city work up on Sunday to the sounds of violent armed fighting on the city’s streets between a force affiliated with a local known as “Adel Daab” with a number of backup armed groups and Gharyan Battalion and Stabilization Support Apparatus forces.

The member of Gharyan municipality, Muna Al-Muqadam, said the members moved their meetings to another headquarters as the municipal building was in the clashes zone, calling in her statement to Libya Al-Ahrar on the warring parties to end clashes immediately.

In the meantime, Gharyan University called on all staff and students not to go the university colleges until clashes were halted.

At noon, Libya Al-Ahrar TV correspondent reported an uneasy calm in Gharyan after the early morning clashes that led to the shutdown of all shops and markets, bringing the city to a standstill.


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