Clashes sweep through Libya’s Al-Zawiya city

Libya Alahrar TV channel’s correspondent in Al-Zawiya city has reported that one person is killed and another is injured after they have been shot at near Al-Harsha bridge in the city.

The correspondent added that gunmen closed on Saturday the coastal road from both directions due to the killing incident, saying that a gas station in Al-Harsha area was targeted and set ablaze.

In the meantime, the Emergency Medicine and Support Center in western Libya reported that clashes had occurred on Al-Zawiya’s coastal road, calling on all people to be cautious and stay away from areas of clashes.

The spokesman for the Ambulance and Emergency Apparatus, Osama Ali, called on the people living in Al-Zawiya not to use the main road from Awlad Saqr area to Al-Sabriyah due to the ongoing security tensions in there.

In a statement to Libya Alahrar TV channel, the spokesman considered that the area was dangerous and unsafe for people as unrest still persisted.

A number of education facilities, including schools and colleges announced late on Saturday that exams scheduled for Sunday were cancelled until further notice due to the clashes.


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