Derna, a City of the Dead, Struggles with Aftermath of Devastating Floods

The port city of Derna in Libya has been transformed into a city of the dead, as it grapples with the aftermath of catastrophic floods, according to a report by the British network “iNews”. The city is witnessing a continuous influx of bodies of flood victims, many of whom are being interred in mass graves.

The floods have wreaked havoc on the city’s infrastructure, destroying a third of the homes. The sea has swept away at least 3,985 residents along with their homes. Survivors likened the devastation to a massive bombing campaign or an earthquake followed by a tsunami, with water levels rising up to six floors.

iNews reported that the scenes they encountered in Derna were unlike any they had witnessed in their decades-long coverage of wars and natural disasters. The force of the water was so intense that it crushed almost everything in its path and swept tons of debris from damaged buildings into the sea.

The grief in Derna is palpable, with shocked faces and vacant stares visible throughout the city. The team spoke to men who had lost their entire families and were now wandering through the city alone, lost, confused, and angry.

Shock and grief have given way to anger as protesters have taken to the streets demanding accountability. However, in a divided state with two governments and two prime ministers, it remains unclear who will be held accountable and how. Survivors expressed their lack of trust in local officials to help them rebuild their city. They are calling for the international community to take responsibility for the disaster recovery efforts.

Source: British Network “iNews”


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