Direct flight from the US to Benghazi, Itamilradar reports

Itamilradar website, which is specialized in monitoring military aircraft, said it had tracked a US (Boeing C-17A) as it made an unusual direct flight from the USA (Andrews AFB) to Benghazi, Libya.

Itamilradar website added that different Twitter accounts reported on Wednesday afternoon an aerial refueling over the UK.

“The Globemaster continued its flight and disappeared from all tracking site around 21:41 CEST over southern Tyrrhenian sea when it flew southbound.” Itamilradar explained.

It revealed that after less than two hours later, the US Globemaster appeared again but this time in the opposite direction as the aircraft was, this time, in flight from Libya to Germany.

“We don’t know the nature of the mission, but in the past, we’ve already tracked similar flights with final destination as an airbase in Germany.” Itamilradar said.

It added that this was the first time that it tracked a direct flight from the USA to Benghazi, wondering as to what urgent supplies the aircraft was carrying from the US to Benghazi.


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