Emergency Meeting of Libyan Government Addresses Storm Crisis

In response to the recent devastation caused by the Storm Daniel in Libya, an emergency meeting of the Government of National Unity (GNU) was convened, headed by the President of the Presidential Council,  Mohamed Menfi, and Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Dbeibah made a series of announcements aimed at providing immediate relief to the affected regions. He emphasized the urgency of the situation and issued instructions to all government institutions to extend the necessary support to the areas in distress.

One of the main actions decided on during the meeting was the initiation of fund transfers to municipalities that had borne the brunt of the storm’s fury. This move is intended to facilitate the rapid deployment of resources to these severely affected areas, aiding in their recovery efforts.

In a solemn gesture, Prime Minister Dbeibah declared a period of mourning lasting three days and called for the lowering of flags in honor of the lives lost during the storm.

The gravity of the situation was underscored by a breaking news announcement reiterating the three-day mourning period and the flag-lowering directive, ensuring that the nation collectively pays its respects to the storm’s victims.

The head of the Presidential  Council,  Mohamed Menfi, also expressed deep concern over the damage inflicted on certain cities and stressed the importance of closely monitoring developments in these affected areas.

Moreover, Menfi instructed the creation of subcommittees comprising representatives from various government authorities. These committees would work together to provide crucial assistance to those impacted by the storm, coordinating efforts to ensure a swift and effective response.

Menfi further emphasized the need for a direct and efficient process of fund allocation and damage assessment. This direct approach would involve close collaboration between the Ministry of Local Governance and the affected municipalities, ensuring that resources are channeled to where they are most needed without unnecessary delay.

The Storm Daniel has hit different parts of Libya, especially in the east where destruction of buildings and dozens of casualties were confirmed. The situation in the city of Derna in particular has been escalating after news of the city’s dams falling and being overwhelmed with floods have been reported.


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