Libyan Authorities and Organizations Rally to Aid Eastern Regions in Wake of Storm Crisis

In the aftermath of a devastating storm that wreaked havoc on several cities in eastern Libya, government agencies and organizations are mobilizing resources and launching emergency efforts to provide much-needed assistance to the affected areas.

Medical Services Agency Readies to Fly Patients Within 48 Hours

The Medical Services Support Agency has declared its readiness to facilitate the urgent travel of patients requiring medical treatment abroad. In a statement, the agency’s president Ahmed Mleitan announced, “We are fully prepared to facilitate the travel procedures for all cases requiring treatment abroad within 48 hours.” This swift response aims to ensure that those in critical condition receive the necessary medical attention promptly.

National Safety Authority Deploys Rescuers and Paramedics to the Eastern Region

In a significant move to bolster rescue and relief efforts, the National Safety Authority has launched a convoy comprising more than 250 rescue workers, paramedics, and technicians. This convoy is en route to the disaster-stricken areas in the eastern region, where their expertise and resources will be crucial in addressing the crisis and saving lives.

Urgent Call for Assistance as Derna’s Dam Collapses

The city of Derna, one of the hardest-hit areas, is grappling with a dire situation as its dam collapsed due to the powerful storm. The Derna Municipal Council has urgently appealed for a maritime passage to be established to provide essential aid to the city’s residents. This call highlights the urgency of the situation and the need for swift action to prevent further suffering in the affected regions.

Tripoli Services Company Dispatches Convoy with Critical Resources

The Tripoli General Services Company has taken immediate action by sending a convoy to assist the affected eastern cities. The convoy includes 53 trucks and 10 heavy machines to cope with the crisis. Additionally, five trucks equipped with lighting detectors have been dispatched to ensure continuous support around the clock. Once assistance is transferred from Benghazi to the city of Al-Bayda, the convoy will head to the city of Derna.

Derna Declared a Disaster Zone

Ahmed Amdourd, a member of the Derna Municipal Council, has declared Derna a disaster zone, emphasizing the dire circumstances the city now faces. He has called for international intervention and the establishment of a maritime passage to facilitate the delivery of essential aid to the affected population.

Complete Closure of Derna Hospitals

Compounding the crisis in Derna, its hospitals have been forced to close entirely due to the disaster. As a result, medical facilities in the city are unable to provide essential healthcare services to residents. The closure highlights the urgent need for external assistance and resources to mitigate the growing humanitarian crisis.

Aid convoys continue to make their way from the capital Tripoli and other cities in the west towards the eastern areas, with hopes that these efforts will bring relief to those in need and help restore stability to the impacted communities.


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