Turkey Extends a Helping Hand to Eastern Libya in the Wake of Devastating Floods

The Turkish authorities are taking action to assist the beleaguered regions of eastern Libya, which have been severely affected by devastating floods and torrents. The Turkish government, through its Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD), has mobilized a highly trained search and rescue team consisting of 150 dedicated individuals. This team is poised to provide vital assistance in the ongoing rescue operations.

The AFAD team is equipped with a wide array of essential resources, including power generators, specialized rescue vehicles, tents for shelter, and a formidable fleet of four marine rescue boats.

The decision to send this experienced search and rescue team was made in response to the request for international assistance made by the Libyan government. The catastrophic floods and torrents have left communities in dire need of support.

In addition to the search and rescue team, the Turkish Ministry of Health and hospitals have announced their readiness to receive and treat 400 urgent cases of flood and storm victims. This step represents a comprehensive approach to providing support, encompassing both immediate rescue operations and ongoing medical care for those affected.

President Erdogan extended his condolences to the flood victims in eastern Libya and expressed Turkey’s solidarity with the Libyan people. He announced that his government has initiated the coordination of three flights, each carrying 168 personnel, along with search vehicles and rescue boats in the initial phase of the relief effort. These resources are slated to arrive at Benghazi by Tuesday morning.


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