Foreign Minister of parallel government resigns

The Foreign Minister of the government designated by the House of Representatives (HoR) to replace the UN-backed Government of National Unity, Hafed Gaddur, has resigned, citing the incompetence of the Prime Minister, Osama Hammad, saying in a resignation letter that is sent to the Speaker of the HoR, Aqila Saleh, that there’s a heavily-funded agenda of certain foreign countries hindering the formation of a unified Libyan government by continuing to spread weapons and distribute money to destabilize the country.

Gaddur said division and fragmentation led to the weakening of the national project in Libya, thus opening the door for foreign interventions, adding that the current HoR-designated PM Hammad had adopted an approach of “mood swings, nepotism, and favoritism.”

He indicated that Hammad had issued orders without getting the necessary mandate for them, referring to a number of decisions he made and agreements he signed with foreign parties without consulting with the Foreign Ministry, which previously remarked that such agreements had been negative to the state of Libya.

Gaddur said he would continue to support any national project for real reconciliation and coexistence across Libya, in addition to backing up leading the country to free and fair elections whose results could be accepted by all parties.


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