HCS member believes change in Council Presidency will not be radical

Amna Amtair, member of the High Council of State (HCS), has claimed that the policy of newly elected President of HCS, Mohamed Takala, will not differ greatly from that of his predecessor, Khaled Meshri.

Amtair who represents the seat of the city of Sirt in the council, believes that the general course of action that will be followed by the new presidency of the HCS will be within the same overall strategy followed by the previous one despite the members electing a new leadership.

Amtair said in an interview with Alahrar, that changing the presidency does not change the way the council works, noting that the council as a whole makes decisions, expressing that in her perspective Meshri sat down with all parties to reach the aim of arranging elections and that Takala will do the same.

Moreover, she mentioned that the HCS, through its committees, draws up its policies, stating that: “Neither Mohamed Takala nor Khaled Meshri can impose opinions and decisions within the council.”

The HCS member further assured that they as a council support moving forward toward elections, and that this will rely to a great extent on the international committee which has the final say according to her statement. Amtair considered that this issue is not a matter that is reliant on national will alone.

In regard to the controversial issue of changing the government, the former GNC member claimed that many of the members who voted for Takala support changing the current government and had discussed the topic with the new HCS president. This claim comes despite reports assuring that the government’s allies in the council played a significant role in Takala’s victory over Meshri.

Mohamed Takala had been elected on Sunday as the third President of the High Council of State, succeeding Khaled Meshri who had been elected as the head of the council annually for the last five years.

Source: Libya Alahrar TV


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