France hosts Libya’s 5+5 JMC members for security deliberations

France has hosted the Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces of Libya’s western and eastern regions, General Mohamed Al-Haddad and General Abdulrazik Al-Nathori, as well as officers from the Joint Military Commission 5+5 (JMC), for working meetings focused on the reunification of military institutions and the long-term stabilization of the country, with full respect for Libyan sovereignty, a statement by the French Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday.

The statement indicated that the meetings came line with France’s support for dialogue among Libyan security actors and the efforts of the Security Working Group co-chaired by the United Nations (UN). The meetings were held on July 17 and 18.

According to the statement, France “maintains its support for the UN and the security dynamic in which all the Libyan actors are engaged, with the aim of forming joint units to secure Libya’s borders and combat terrorism as well as destabilizing foreign interference.”

The statement reiterated that the upcoming meetings of the security groups co-chaired by the UN will follow up on the Paris meetings; while the next meeting will be held in Benghazi on July 25.


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