Fuel shortage at gas stations is resolved, Brega Company says

Brega Oil Marketing Company said the congestion at the gas stations was due to a sharp decrease in the quantities of fuel programmed for transfer from Al-Zawiya depot to the Tripoli depot.

Brega company added in a statement on Saturday that the bad sea conditions prevented the entry of two fuel tankers into Al-Zawiya port for the past two days, which resulted in a sharp decline in the capacity of Al-Zawiya oil depot.

The company explained that it was recently able to address the situation by resuming supply after the two tankers entered the port of Al-Zawiya, coinciding with the supply from the Anwar Africa tanker anchored in the port of Tripoli, pointing out that the quantities of fuel currently available in its depots amount to about 128 million liters.

The statement called on the owners of stations that refrain from receiving supplies to give priority to the public interest and go to supply directly from the company’s depots, in implementation of the instructions of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.


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