GNA retains positions inside Tarhouna administrative borders after failed attacks by Haftar’s militias

Khalifa Haftar’s militias failed Wednesday night to end the siege of the forces of the Government of National Accord (GNA) on Tarhouna, military sources have told Libya Alahrar TV.

The sources added that Haftar’s militias attempted to advance on Al-Masabha frontline with heavy artillery shelling and Grad rockets’ attacks, however; GNA forces repelled their attacks and retained their positions.

“Haftar’s militias carried out artillery shelling on the coastal road as well as civilian neighborhoods on Al-Khamseen Street.” The sources explained.

In the meantime, the commander of Guwaya – Garabulli frontline, Mohammed Al-Ayeb, said they had thwarted an attack by Haftar’s militias in Al-Rawaj area after hours-long clashes.

Al-Ayeb told Libya Alahrar TV that Haftar’s militias shelled civilian neighborhoods using rockets after they had suffered a massive loss of military equipment and fighters.

On western Sirte frontlines, an uneasy calm has descended as GNA forces remain in their positions awaiting orders to repel any attacks by Haftar’s militias, according to the spokesman for Sirte-Jufra operations room Abdelhadi Drah.

Commander Drah said a group of Haftar’s militias attempted Thursday dawn to advance on Alloud frontline, but the operations room forces repelled the attack and destroyed their military vehicles, pushing the attackers away.


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