Haftar ignores the legal civil authority decisions

On Monday, the commander of the Dignity Operation, General Khalifa Haftar, issued some decisions, including promoting some of his military officers.

Haftar appointed the former interim government prime minister, Abdullah Al-Thinni, in Benghazi as a director of the political administrations for his forces.

Haftar promoted and appointed Emrajaa Al-Omami as the commander of ground forces and Abdullah Al-Zaidi as the head of the Al-Jufra operations room.

He appointed General Ramadhan Al-Barassi, General Mohamed Al-Manfour, and General Ahmed Salem to leadership duties.

In the same context, Haftar announced in a speech on Monday that he refuses to be under any kind of authority. Haftar said that “we won’t let anyone deceive us in the name of civil,” adding that “we will not surrender ourselves to any authority.”

It is worth mentioning that the Presidential Council (PC) had announced that no one has the right to promote military officers but the PC because it is the army’s supreme commander.

The PC’s announcement had come after Haftar decided to promote some military officers of the 5+5 committee, including those from the western side. But the western 5+5 officers had refused Haftar’s promotion because he doesn’t represent the army leadership.

In a press release, the military expert, Adel Abdel-Kafi, considered Haftar’s decisions an apparent provocation against the PC’s decisions. He added that it is now clear that the continuity of the 5+5 military committee should be considered as a big mistake, especially after Haftar had appointed one of its members as the commander of his ground forces.

Observers say that the PC and its government need to call the International Community to take serious decisions to minimize Haftar’s actions against the stability in Libya. The observers say that the world should deal with Haftar as a war criminal instead of giving him the chance to violate the decisions of the legal authority in Libya.


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