Haftar’s militias rain down rockets on Tripoli’s civilian neighborhoods

Several civilians have been injured in fresh rocket attacks in the vicinity of Tripoli’s Mitiga Airport by Khalifa Haftar’s militias.

The media adviser of Libya’s Health Ministry Ameen Al-Hashimi said Wednesday tyat four civilians, including a child and an African national, had been injured as Haftar militias’ rockets targeted the vicinity of Tripoli’s Mitiga Airport in Sherfat Al-Mallaha area.

Meanwhile, Libya Alahrar TV correspondent said that civilian injuries and damaged properties had been reported after the rockets of Haftar’s militias had fallen on Werima, Tajoura and Sherfat Al-Mallaha areas in Souq Al-Jumua in Tripoli.

Over 20 rockets fell in the vicinity of Mitiga Airport and one rocket fell on Al-Najma Factory in Al-Beefi area, besides damages done by the attacks to civilian houses in the area.


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