Haftar’s militias renew rocket attacks on Tripoli’s Mitiga Airport

Once again, Khalifa Haftar’s militias have targeted Tripoli’s Mitiga Airport. The attack with several rockets came Wednesday night, despite the fact that the airport had redirected all flights to Misrata Airport.

Meanwhile, the management of Mitiga Airport evacuated it from all staffers and passengers, redirecting all flights to Misrata Airport after two planes have been hit by Khalifa Haftar militias’ rocket attacks.

The spokesman for Al-Afriqiyah Airways Omran Al-Zabadi has told Libya Alahrar that an Airbus 320 has become out of service after suffering over ten holes as it has been hit by shrapnel of the rockets fired by Haftar’s militias on the airport.

Buraq Air management told Libya Alahrar TV on Tuesday that one of its planes at the airport had been hit by shrapnel and went out of service, thus suspending all flights until a further notice.

In the meantime, Mitiga Airport suspended all flights on Tuesday and evacuated all passengers after it was targeted with over nine rockets by Khalifa Haftar’s militias.

A security source from the airport told Libya Alahrar TV that the rockets fell on the airport when an Al-Afriqiyah Airways plane was preparing to take off, leaving the passengers and personnel in a state of panic.


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