IMC: Most Derna hospitals are either non-functional or partially operational

The International Medical Corps said in a report that the impact of Storm Daniel, which struck Libya on September 10/11 and resulted in the collapse of two dams in the coastal city of Derna, continued
to exert significant pressure on Libya’s healthcare system, adding that according to the
World Health Organization (WHO), 84% of hospitals and 88% of primary healthcare
(PHC) facilities had been either non-functional or only partially operational.

The IMC said this was a situation that had further exacerbated by a shortage of essential medicines for
treating chronic diseases, adding that flood survivors faced significant health risks stemming from contaminated water sources and inadequate hygiene and sanitation facilities.

“These conditions elevate the likelihood of water-borne diseases, such as acute watery diarrhea
and cholera, as well as vector-borne diseases, such as typhoid, dengue,
malaria and yellow fever. PHCs in smaller towns around Al-Marj and Al-Bayda are grappling with operational challenges caused by infrastructure damage, power outages, communication disruptions, shortage of health workers and the loss of critical assets, including medical equipment and ambulances, due to the storm.” The report reads.

It has added that more than a month following the catastrophic floods in the country, over 43,000 people are still displaced. Of these, only 1,143 are currently residing in collective sites. Among the 38 sites originally assessed, 12 are still in use and have limited access to clean water and sanitation.

The report said there was a growing demand for mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) services within the affected communities. It has indicated that callers to a national MHPSS hotline have been reporting a range of issues, including feelings of overwhelming stress, persistent low moods, disrupted sleep patterns, heightened stress levels and increased anxiety, primarily stemming
from the ongoing uncertainty.


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