Libyan ambassador to UN urges for ceasefire in Gaza

The Libyan ambassador to the United Nations, Taher El Sonni, said that humanitarian aids must enter Gaza with a ceasefire in place.

Speaking at a UN media stakeout as chairman of the Arab Group at the UN, El Sonni added that the stop of forced transfer must happen, “questioning why those countries who are silent, who are seeing these atrocities, over 9000 civilians killed, 3,000 of them children. Why are they silent? Why is there double standards? Why is the message different when the Ukraine conflict happened? That’s a question that the world is asking.”

El Sonni added that there was no justification to bomb refugee camps like Jebelia twice and to target hospitals under the so-called the right to defend. He indicated that depriving more than two million Palestinians from food, water, and fuel was a war crime.

“I’m wondering, where are the voices of human rights activists, special envoys on what’s happening in Gaza? And this narrative of everything started only on October 07 is false. This is seven decades of struggle. So if we don’t put things into context and we don’t fix the root cause, we’ll remain always in this vicious cycle and more innocent lives will be lost.” El Sonni further explained.


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