Libyan Army soldiers under GNA complete training in Turkey

A ceremony marking the end of the training program for a group of Libyan Army soldiers was held Saturday in Turkey after the completion of an eight-week training program by the Turkish Armed Forces.

The training was held as part of an MoU signed between the two countries last year. The MoU included security and military cooperation as well as training of Libyan Army personnel as needed.

Libyan Defense Minister Salah Al-Namroush said the completion of this training was evidence that the Libyan-Turkish military cooperation was bearing fruit.

Two MoUs between Turkey and Libya’s Government of National Accord (GNA) were signed on November 27, 2019 and were passed by Turkey’s parliament on December 05.

The MoU setting marine jurisdictions in the Eastern Mediterranean rejects unilateral and illegal activities by other regional countries and international firms as well as aims to protect the rights of both countries.


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