Libyan Army spokesman “surprised by UNSMIL’s silence” over Haftar’s ceasefire violations

The spokesman of the Libyan Army under the Government of National Accord (GNA) Mohammed Gununu said he was surprised by the silence of the UNSMIL toward the violations of Khalifa Haftar’s militias of the ceasefire agreement.

The Libyan Army spokesman said if the UNSMIL is interested in monitoring the implementation of the ceasefire, it should register the “crime and those who ordered it and committed it because the people of Ubari deserve justice”.

“The killing of children and destroying houses are crimes added to Haftar’s militias in Tarhouna and Tripoli. The pretext of terrorism used by criminals to expand in cities has proven ineffective in the aggression on Tripoli. The terrorists are those who kill children, kidnap the innocent and destroy civilians’ houses”. Gununu said.

Meanwhile, one woman was killed and a girl was injured in Ubari in southern Libya, in an attack led by pro-Haftar Tariq bin Ziyad Brigade on one of the city’s neighborhoods using armored vehicles to capture “wanted men”.

Reliable sources told Libya Alahrar that Haftar’s militias killed a woman and injured a girl as they searched the neighborhood for “wanted men”, damaging some houses along the way.

“Brigade 128 and 116 as well as Tariq bin Ziyad attacked (Western Sharib Neighborhood) and arrested a resident who is wanted over a kidnap case from the same block. The attacking force came from Sharara oilfield.” The sources told Libya Alahrar TV.


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