Libyan Fatwa House condemns burning of Quran in front of Libyan Embassy

The Council for Sharia Research and Studies at Libya’s Fatwa House has condemned the burning of the Quran in front of the Libyan embassy in Denmark.

The Council stated that the Libyan government is obligated to cut ties with Denmark, as the latter has not apologized for its actions or corrected its position after the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ condemnation.

It has further indicated that this is not the first time that Denmark has committed such crimes and assaulted the sanctities of Muslims, recalling the crime of the insulting cartoon drawings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. The statement issued by the Council called on all Muslim governments and peoples, to relaunch a boycott campaign of Danish products, similar to that which followed the cartoons incident, as such economic responses have proven to be effective.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Government of National Unity (GNU) condemned the burning of a copy of the Holy Quran by a far-right extremist in front of the Libyan embassy in Copenhagen, holding the Danish government responsible for the deterioration of relations between the countries that could result from this incident.

Source: Libyan Fatwa House


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