Widespread arrests against civilians in Sirte by Haftar forces

Forces affiliated with the Tariq bin Ziyad Brigade of Khalifa Haftar’s forces have imprisoned two young men from the town of Buhadi south of Sirte for no clear reason.

A source, who chose not to disclose their identity, told Libya Alahrar that the detainment of the two young men, Al-Mu’tasim Al-Shaibani and Muhammad Al-Guhsi, took place without any charges, citing that Buhadi had been witnessing extensive security deployment by Hafter’s forces for a while, after several activists from the town were arrested and imprisoned by the same brigade.

In the same period last year, Buhadi witnessed security tensions and telecommunications were cut off, after a series of similar arrests by security forces affiliated to Haftar preceding anticipated celebrations or movements by former regime supporters attempting to commemorate Gaddaffi’s coup on September 1st.

Source: Libya Alahrar


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