Libyan HoR agrees to hold session in Ghadames, says HQ will be in Benghazi

The members of the Libyan House of Representatives in both Tripoli and Tobruk agreed in their final statement following their consultative meetings in Tangier, Morocco, to hold a session with full quorum in Ghadames inside Libya and to agree on Benghazi as the location of a unified HoR.

The final statement says the constitutional headquarters of the convention of the HoR meetings is Benghazi, agreeing to hold a session in Ghadames to end the division of the Libyan Parliament.

The statement also reiterated commitment to holding presidential and parliamentary elections as per a constitutional framework to end the transitional period as soon as possible – one year after the first full-quorum session of the HoR at most.

The HoR said it would handle the outcomes of all dialogues with positivity as per the laws of the constitutional declaration, its amendments and the Libyan Political Agreement of Skhirat, saying Libyans should end conflict, fragmentation of institutions and preserve the country’s unity and sovereignty.

“Libyans should also spread the culture of national reconciliation, safe return of displaced people and those who are forcefully displaced as well.” The statement says.


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