Libyan PM urges for setting criteria for Libyans sent for medical treatment abroad

The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbiebah stressed the need for setting standards and criteria for those who will be sent abroad for medical treatment, urging for forming central and branch committees to sift through the process, giving priority for tumor patients.

These remarks came in a meeting for Dbiebah with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister-designate of Health, the Minister-designate of Finance, the Minister of State for Communication and Political Affairs, the Head of the Military Medicine Service, the Director of the Medical Services Support and Development Service, and the Chairman of the Committee for Reviewing Treatment Debt Abroad, in addition to a number of directors of technical departments as well as a delegate of the medicine and emergency apparatus.

Dbiebah said keeping this file of healthcare abroad as it is won’t be acceptable and patients should be sent abroad based on criteria not on letters from different institutions without financial cover, thus leaving patients to the extortion of overseas hospitals. He asked the Health Ministry for prioritizing local tumors center and providing it with necessary medicine and equipment.

The attendees agreed that the military and emergency medical services apparatus would follow up on the conditions of the injured from the Libyan Army and the subordinate forces after sorting them out, determining the type and duration of treatment, and accrediting military hospitals in agreement with the military attachés to ensure good service.


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