Libya’s Interior Minister: We’re going to engage in massive cooperation with Turkey, Algeria and Tunisia

The Libyan Interior Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA) Fathi Bashagha has reiterated that Libya has an internationally recognized legitimate government, reaffirming that it is the only body entitled to represent the country at the international community.

In a press conference on Thursday, Bashagha said from Tunisia that Libya, Tunisia, Turkey and Algeria will engage in massive cooperation efforts in the few coming days, adding that there will be an alliance that aims to serve and protect the people and the countries.

“There are some oppressive parties that have tried to seize power by force in Libya. The stance of the international community toward Libya isn’t clear regarding such violations.” Bashagha explained, adding that there are some regional parties trying to manipulate the international community, while others are trying to look away from the countries backing the so-called General Command of Haftar’s forces.

Bashagha indicated in his presser that If Tripoli falls, Tunis will fall and so will Algiers, adding that the new alliance aims to protect the countries and the peoples of those countries.

“Haftar opened Libya’s borders to mercenaries without any official state requests. He brought UAE officers, Russian Wagner Group mercenaries, Janjaweed fighters, and mercenaries from Sudanese and Chadian rebel groups.” Bashagha added.


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