Libya’s Parliament Speaker warns of parallel government if elections fail

The Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR) Aqila Saleh, told Reuters on Tuesday that Libya will return to “square one” and the turmoil of 2011 if national elections planned for December 24 are delayed, warning of forming a new rival government likely to set itself up in the east.

Saleh told Reuters at his office in the eastern town of Gubbah that a new, parallel government could emerge in the east, adding that regarding the issue of foreign forces in Libya, the president remains the one who decides this matter, and that there were difficulties in unifying the Libyan army due to outside interference.

Saleh said that the Government of National Unity had failed to unify Libya’s institutions and had become a “Tripoli government”, demanding it take care of the obligations of the two dissolved governments.

The HoR Speaker also said that the government’s proposed 100 billion dinar budget was too big and he expected a figure of up to 80 billion dinars to be approved.


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