Libya’s PM says he could resort to LPDF for unity govt. approval

The newly elected Prime Minister, Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah, has hinted at resorting to the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum for confidence in his yet-to-be-formed Government of National Unity if the House of Representatives (HoR) failed to do so.

Dbeibah said on Twitter that he could fall back upon the second option regarding the confidence vote for the government if the HoR couldn’t reach consensus on holding a full-quorum session to that end.

Two weeks ago, Dbeibah said that the unity government would be formed in three weeks before being put for a vote of confidence by the Libyan House of Representatives: now he has one week to go.

Dbeibah indicated that there would be a fair representation of all segments of the Libyan people and all regions in the new cabinet, adding that the focus will be on achieving the technocrat goals.

He vowed that the unity government would be made up of technocrats, and “whoever proves his efficiency”.


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