Libya’s Presidential Council forms committee to follow up on Hannibal Gaddafi’s case in Lebanon

The Libyan Presidential Council has formed a committee that is tasked with communicating with Lebanese authorities and humanitarian organizations regarding the case of Muammar Gaddafi’s son, Hannibal, in order to help provide him with the necessary humanitarian and health assistance as well as ensure that he receives a just trial.

The Presidential Council added a statement on Wednesday that the committee will provide defense lawyers and legal assistance to Hannibal Gaddafi at Lebanese courts so he would be able to receive a fair trial and legal rights.

“The committee will be headed by the Minister of Justice with members that include legal advisors, the Head of Foreign Affairs Committee as well as a legal assistant from the legal office of the Presidential Council.” The statement reads, saying the results of the committee should be reported at the end of its tasks.

Hannibal went on a hunger strike a few days ago in protest of being in custody for eight years and mistreatment by Lebanese authorities without a trial or legal charges, saying in a statement, through the media office of his lawyer, that his detention was driven by political scores.

Lebanese authorities accused Hannibal of keeping secret information regarding the fate of Musa Sadr – an Iranian-born Lebanese scholar and political leader who founded the Amal Movement – and his two companions who went missing in Libya’s capital, Tripoli, in 1978 after they had arrived in the country upon an invitation from Gaddafi.


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