Lockerbie case: Demands by the families of the victims regarding the “Abu Ajila Masoud” trial

American prosecutors have demanded a legal framework that would allow the families of the Lockerbie victims to follow the trial procedures for the suspect in the case, Abu Ajila Masoud Al-Marimi, according to a BBC report.

The families of the victims outside the United States need to listen to the ruling proceedings by telephone only, given that trials in the US federal courts are not televised and there is no legal basis that allows this. Abu Ajila Masoud appeared before the American judiciary for the first time in December 2022, following his extradition to Washington, in which he pleaded his innocence in the first session. However, a date has not been set for the second session yet. The Federal Court in Virginia decided for the fourth time to postpone Abu Ajila’s trial session until mid-December.

According to Abu Ajila’s family, communicating with him is difficult due to his health problems requiring him to be admitted to the hospital repeatedly, as he suffers from chronic diseases. The family indicated that the legal team is reviewing the details of the case in preparation for the next session and they are in constant communication with them.


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