More than 130 migrants were rescued off the Libyan coast and 60 others drowned

The SOS Mediterranean organization announced that its ship, “Ocean Viking,” rescued 25 migrants off the coast of Libya who were on a rubber boat for about a week.

The organization responsible for search and rescue operations explained that the migrants’ boat set off from the city of Zawiya seven days before they were rescued, noting that the boat’s engine stopped working 3 days after the start of the journey, which caused the boat to be lost at sea and the people on it to remain without food or water.

SOS Mediterranean confirmed that survivors reported the death of at least 60 people, including several women and at least one child, adding that 110 other migrants were rescued days before.

The humanitarian organization called for the development of a massive medical relief plan to care for the survivors who were in a very fragile physical and psychological condition, confirming that a request was sent for urgent medical evacuation for two people who were found unconscious and in a critical condition and were transported by helicopter to Sicily in a medical evacuation


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