More than 1,300 prisoners to be released by a general amnesty

The Public Prosecutor’s office announced the release of about 1,345 prisoners in implementation of the decree of the Supreme Judicial Council to pardon them from serving the remainder of their sentence.

The office explained in a publication that the release came after studying the documents for the implementation of criminal rulings against convicts who are inmates of rehabilitation institutions, to determine those who meet the criteria stipulated regarding being pardoned from carrying out the remainder of sentences.

The Public Prosecution was directed to begin implementing the procedure for releasing selected inmates, in implementation of Supreme Council Resolution No. 56 of 2024.

In April last year, the Public Prosecutor announced the release of 1,057 prisoners who met the conditions on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.

The decree of the Supreme Judicial Council to pardon states that the convict must have served at least half of the sentence and that a third of the term is sufficient for convicts who suffer from chronic diseases, need special medical care or are over 60 years old.

This general amnesty decision excluded those convicted in cases related to terrorism, harming state security and retribution, in addition to crimes of premeditated murder, kidnapping, and forced theft, unless reconciliation was made with the victim.


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