New Haftar-led attack kills two civilians in Libya’s capital

Libya Alahrar TV correspondent confirmed that two civilians were killed and five others were injured in new shelling by Khalifa Haftar’s militias on Al-Hadba, Tripoli.

The correspondent said damages were done to the houses and cars in the area targeted by Haftar’s militias, which have been escalating their attacks on civilians over the last days.

Meanwhile on Wednesday afternoon, a large number of students were miraculously saved from a massacre as a rocket fired by Haftar’s militias fell near Agriculture Faculty of Tripoli University but didn’t explode.

The media adviser to Libya’s Health Ministry Ameen Al-Hashimi told Alahrar Wednesday that the death toll of Haftar militias’ shelling on Salah Al-Deen in southern Tripoli had risen to two as a second civilian died of sustained injuries.

Burkan Al-Ghadab Operation under the Government of National Accord’s command said Haftar’s militias targeted Tuesday Salah Al-Deen with six rockets in a new breach of the ceasefire.


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