Russia changes its policy toward Haftar and Ankara doesn’t need to send Syrians to Libya, Isler says

The Turkish envoy to Libya, Emrullah Isler, said Russia changed its policy toward Khalifa Haftar after he had refused to sign the ceasefire agreement in Moscow.

Speaking to Al Jazeera TV Channel on Wednesday, Isler said Haftar had pissed off the Russians when he left Moscow without signing, adding that they were offended by it.

“Haftar’s statements after Berlin conference showed that he wasn’t willing to agree on the political solution as he continues to mobilize mercenaries across the country.” Isler added.

He also indicated that military intervention in Libya had existed for years by Egypt, France, and UAE, providing Haftar with weapons that had been seen by the whole world.

“Haftar has received large numbers of weapons despite the arms embargo, while the international community said nothing about it despite him being an illegitimate party in Libya. What he is doing is terrorism and war crimes.” He added.

Isler described the allegations that Ankara sent warships to Libya as untrue, saying Libya and Libya’s agreement says Ankara can train the military forces and help rebuild the military institutions in the country.

He explained that Turkey hadn’t sent combat troops to Libya, but won’t sit idly by if any of its troops were harmed, saying Ankara doesn’t need to send Syrian fighters to Libya whose Government of National Accord has thousands of army soldiers.


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