Pressure mounts on HoR as it deepens political divisions

Rage against the performance of the House of Representatives (HoR) and its affiliated government has risen to the extent that has forced the latter to dismiss its Derna Municipal Council following the unfortunate events in the city.

Earlier in the day, the HoR held a session on Monday, chaired by Aqila Saleh, to discuss the devastating floods that hit Derna and other cities in the eastern region.

Aqila Saleh stated that the emergency budget was approved by the HoR which was 10 billion Dinars and will allegedly be allocated to its affiliated government led by Osama Hamad as the executive authority.

Aqila Saleh said that the session was initially planned for Hamad’s government to present its efforts in assisting the affected regions. However, Hamad did not attend the session held in Benghazi. Despite his absence, Aqila Saleh confirmed that the allocated 10 billion dinars would be directed towards Hamad’s parallel government in the east which is in contention with the internationally recognized Government of National Unity (GNU) headed by Abdulhamid Dbeibah in the capital Tripoli.

Meanwhile, the head of the Presidential Council Mohamed Menfi proposed to the UNSMIL cheif Abdullah Bathily the establishment of a unified institution concerned with relief in the devastated cities, whose members hold ”experience, competency, good reputation, and people’s trust”, according to Menfi.

Menfi called for an accompanying technical and supervisory role for the United Nations regarding the rescue and recovery efforts that will support this institution.


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