Audit Bureau submits report to the Public Prosecutor regarding destroyed dams

The Audit Bureau has submitted a report to the Public Prosecutor’s office, highlighting the issues concerning the maintenance projects of the Derna and Abu Mansour dams. The report calls for an immediate investigation regarding the officials responsible for these projects, which have been stalled despite having both a conducive environment and sufficient funding.

The Audit Bureau has confirmed that all necessary contractual approvals were in place for the execution of these projects in 2007 and 2009. It also clarified that there were no regulatory restrictions imposed by the Bureau that could potentially impede the implementation process, even after the required funds were made available to the companies responsible for execution.

The Public Prosecutor has vowed to expedite the investigation into these matters, promising a quicker resolution. The Prosecutor has also assured that all necessary steps will be taken to hold those accountable, including those residing abroad, with assistance from Interpol if necessary.

The Derna Valley, extending over 60 kilometers, is a significant catchment area for rainwater, with its network of valleys and tributaries. The only dam in this area was built in 1961 and has only been maintained twice since then – once in 1977 and again in 1986. This means that for over 37 years, this dam has been neglected and overlooked by successive governments, despite their expenditure of hundreds of billions.

Source: Audit Bureau + Libya alahrar


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