Qatari institutions launch relief campaigns for Libya

In a show of solidarity with the Libyan people, Qatar Charity has initiated the “Aid Libya” campaign. This humanitarian effort comes in response to the devastating floods that have ravaged Derna and the villages of Green Mountain.

The campaign’s primary objective is to provide immediate relief to those affected by the disaster. This includes supplying tents for those displaced by the floods, medical necessities for the injured, and food provisions. The campaign also aims to cater to urgent needs such as blankets and heating supplies for families who have lost their homes.

The Director of Emergency and Relief Management at Qatar Charity has expressed the organization’s commitment to extend necessary support to those affected in Libya. He emphasized the magnitude of the disaster and the extensive destruction caused by the floods.

He further appealed to philanthropists in Qatar to extend their support to their Libyan brethren who are enduring challenging times after losing their homes and families, urging them to stand in solidarity with those affected and lend a helping hand in their hour of need.

The Qatari Red Crescent has also joined in these relief efforts, announcing its plans to dispatch relief expeditions to the flood-stricken areas in Libya. In a similar vein, the sports group beIN Sports, has launched a fundraising campaign aimed at supporting families in areas severely impacted by the floods in Libya.

The city of Derna bore witness to a catastrophic event on Monday, September 11, when its dam collapsed. The ensuing floods swept across its central areas, resulting in numerous casualties and significant damage.


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