Report: Haftar’s sons appoint agent to manage all their Virginia-based firms

Africa Intelligence website said that the two sons of Khalifa Haftar, Okba and Al-Muntasser Haftar, have chosen to keep a low profile by recently delegating the management of their companies based in Virginia to a single agent.

The report said that Haftar’s sons are reconfiguring their investment companies, mainly registered in Virginia, where the legal proceedings which have been filed against Haftar, are taking place. 

“The military leader has still not appeared before the US court to give his testimony. He could face a default judgment in the coming weeks if he doesn’t show up.” The report said.

It added that because they are not directly concerned by the lawsuits weighing on their father, Okba and  Al-Muntasser Haftar have taken care to distance themselves from the day-to-day management of their American companies. 

“The assets of the Haftar family are indeed targeted by some of the plaintiffs for compensation, and the authorities in Tripoli have carried out a precise count, transmitted in particular to the Wall Street Journal. In Virginia alone, real estate is reportedly worth $ 8 million.” According to the report.

Without waiting for the outcome of these lawsuits, the two Haftar sons appointed, during the summer, the discreet Mohammed Al-Rababah as a representative ( agent ) of most of their companies. 

“The real estate companies of Okba Haftar are concerned: Eastern Brothers Group which has become EBG Estates , ABKO Investments , but also Alexampton Investments , Eastfield Holdings and the transport company Pelican Line International, now inactive.” Africa Intelligence added.

It said that a few months before these transfers, the two brothers also created two new companies. 

Okba Haftar established Global Venture Consulting on April 28, for which Mohammed Al-Rababah also became the sole agent in August 2021.

Most of these companies are registered at the same address in Vienna, Virginia. The same goes for Leptis Magna, founded in May 2021 by Al-Muntasser Haftar, and which remains under his control. These last two companies have no trace of activity, according to the report.


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