Residents of Derna call for accountability and reconstruction

In a significant development in the situation in Derna, the residents of the city have demonstrated and called for an immediate solution to the displacement crisis by providing housing within the city. They also urged for swift reconstruction efforts through globally recognized agencies that respect the city’s historical heritage.

They voiced their disapproval of the so-called Reconstruction Committee, which is affiliated with the House of Representatives (HoR). They insisted that Derna should have its own unique status and a dedicated reconstruction committee that aligns with the aspirations of its residents.

The demonstrators issued a statement emphasizing the severity of their plight and the necessity for accountability from those who were responsible for managing Derna’s affairs.

The head of the appointed government by the HoR, Osama Hammad, has discharged Abdul Moneim Al-Ghaithi, the Mayor of Derna, opening an investigation against him. This decision comes in the aftermath of the catastrophic collapse of Derna’s dams, which led to a high casualty rate due to extensive flooding.

The dismissal followed a series of vehement protests that took place at the Al-Sahaba Mosque on Monday. The protestors called for a comprehensive and transparent investigation into the origins of this disaster.

The statement of the protestors concluded with a poignant message: “Our consolation lies only in seeing Derna’s reconstruction as a national project that eradicates corruption and restores dignity.”


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