RFI: Haftar is using his private jet for money laundering, gold smuggling

Radio France Internationale (RFI) said warlord Khalifa Haftar has been using his private plane for money laundering and smuggling gold out of Libya.

RFI said Haftar’s Falcon 900 landed in Turkey twice last July and then landed during the same period in Abu Dhabi, while it then landed at the private Emirati airport of Al Batine, which is reserved for businessmen. 

“This private jet attracts the attention of “flight tracking” enthusiasts who monitor flights in real time and trace their movements. Usually, this aircraft is used by Marshal Khalifa Haftar, but more and more frequently, it is used by his relatives for trafficking and money laundering.” RFI indicated.

According to the report, this operation comes a few weeks after a similar flight of Haftar’s private jet to Venezuela where relatives of Haftar have exchanged dollars for gold bars.

It is mostly the sons of Haftar, Khalid, Saddam, Al Siddik and a handful of nearby officers who use the Falcon to carry out their business. The goal being, according to several specialists, to ” finance and preserve the politico-military entity” established by Haftar in eastern Libya. RFI explained.

RFI also explained that Libyan gold is also being sold through Saddam Haftar to the Emirates for weapons, mercenaries and dollars. 

Khalifa Haftar’s banking deals go through Khaled and Saddam Haftar’s accounts through Emirati banks, according to the report.

It is worth mentioning that Libya is the second largest reserve of gold in Africa.


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