Russia says will hold talks with Turkey on political solution in Libya

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said that talks on the Libyan crisis with Turkey will be held later this month or in September.

Zakharova made statements on current issues at the press conference held at the Russian Foreign Ministry via video conference.

Referring to the Libyan crisis, Zakharova stated that they are in contact with the parties involved in resolving this issue through political means.

Russia backs up Khalifa Haftar and has been supporting him militarily for years, especially since his war on Tripoli in April 2019. Moscow is also reported to be behind the work done by Wagner Group mercenaries in Libya; their fight against the Government of National Accord and their latest control; over the oil facilities in the Oil Crescent in the country.  

“The resolutions of the Berlin Conference and resolution 2510 of the United Nations Security Council should be the basis for collective action in Libya,” Zakharova said, adding that there are Turkish-Russian High Level Consultations on the Libya issue since the meeting held in Ankara on July 21-22.

“The next negotiations between the relevant Russian and Turkish institutions on Libya will be held in Moscow in August and September, on a suitable date for the parties.” She said.


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