Russian media: UAE gave Haftar new anti-aircraft systems

Russian media outlets have unveiled details about transports of heavy anti-aircraft system, Serbian LRSVM Morava system, from  the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to warlord Khalifa Haftar in Libya.

Sputnik has reported a Russian TV Channel as saying that its sources that the UAE has these modern Serbian anti-aircraft systems and it has transported them to Haftar’s militias in Libya.

Russian media also pointed out that the Serbian LRSVM Morava anti-aircraft systems had been seen in military maneuvers done by the so-called Tariq bin Ziyad Brigade of warlord Haftar’s militias.

The UAE has been providing Haftar with military support for years since he first started his coup on legitimacy back in 2014 and up until his last bloody offensive on Tripoli that started in April 2019 and ended in June 2020, leaving behind destruction and hundreds of deaths as well as thousands of injured and displaced people.


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