Security unrest sweeps through Libya’s Al-Zawiya

The Student Union of Al-Zawiya University has announced the suspension of studies on Thursday as a result of the protests taking place in the city following security unrest that has been sweeping through Al-Zawiya for days.

The Student Union indicated that the city was witnessing a popular uprising and blockades of roads, main entrances, the coastal road as well as the Martyrs’ Square, in protest against the deterioration of security.

On Wednesday night, Al-Zawiya witnessed protests that started from Al-Madina Square and reached the Security Directorate and the headquarters of the Municipality, in rejection of the continuation of what they described as the deterioration of the security situation, knowing that this popular anger came after the circulation of videos showing the torture of citizens in the city.

Al-Zawiya witnessed armed clashes a few days ago that led to the killing of two civilians, and the displacement of a number of families from their homes, according to local sources from the city.


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