The Joint Security Room reaches the Ras Jadeer border crossing which Trabelsi promises to reopen before Eid

The Ministry of Interior announced the arrival of the Joint Security Room to Ras Jadeer on Monday evening in order to assess the security situation at the border crossing and assess the damage there.

According to a statement published by the Press Office of the Ministry of Interior, the Joint Security Room will prepare a report on the crossing to reopen it in coordination with the Chief of General Staff of the Libyan Military.

The Joint Security Room was formed last Tuesday after the Minister of Interior met with the Defense and Security Council, following security tensions witnessed at the Ras Jadeer crossing, where it was agreed to form a security room from the Ministry of Interior and another military force from the Chief of Staff.

During a press conference, the Acting Interior Minister, Emad Trabelsi, explained that he has appointed Major General Abdel Hakim Al-Khaitouni as head of the Joint Security Room, and Lieutenant Colonel Ali Al-Jabri as his assistant.

According to Trabelsi, the Joint Security Room includes representatives from the Stability Support Service, the Counter-Terrorism Deterrence Service, the Electronic Aviation Service, the Internal Security Service, the Border Guard Service, the Directorate Support Service, the Anti-Illegal Immigration Service, the Anti-Narcotics Service, and the Central Support and Coastal Security Departments.


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