Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company Lauds Libyan Support During Power Crisis

In a display of regional cooperation, the Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company has publicly expressed its gratitude to its Libyan counterpart for their invaluable assistance during a recent power crisis in Tunisia. The unexpected blackout, which occurred overnight between last Tuesday and Wednesday, left the entire country in darkness, disrupting daily life and highlighting the critical importance of reliable energy infrastructure.

In a formal letter addressed to the Libyan company, the Tunisian firm didn’t just express its gratitude for the assistance provided during this challenging time, but also emphasized its commitment to strengthening ties and fostering communication between the two institutions. This incident underscores the significance of collaboration and mutual support among regional partners, particularly in times of crisis.

The swift response from the Libyan Electricity Company demonstrated the power of regional cooperation in mitigating such crises. By providing logistical support to their Tunisian counterparts, they were able to help alleviate the impact of the blackout and expedite the restoration of normal services.

Moving forward, both companies are expected to use this experience as an opportunity to further enhance their crisis response strategies. This includes improving infrastructure resilience, refining contingency plans, and strengthening regional cooperation mechanisms.

The Tunisian company’s public acknowledgment of this support reflects a deep appreciation for this act of solidarity. It also signals a desire for continued collaboration with their Libyan counterparts in the future, serving as a testament to their shared commitment to public service.

Source: Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company


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