Libyan Officials Discuss Rebuilding Efforts in Derna and Murzuk

In a recent meeting, the Deputy President of the Presidential Council, Musa Al-Koni, the head of the Government of National Unity (GNU), Abdulhamid Dbeibah, and the Deputy President of the High Council of State, Masoud Abid, deliberated on the aftermath of the Derna disaster. The officials discussed ongoing efforts to recover the bodies of flood victims, a task undertaken by specialized technical teams in collaboration with international organizations.

Dbeibah presented proposals for the rebuilding process in Derna and other affected areas during the meeting. He outlined mechanisms to support locals in restoring life in these regions and steps taken to provide psychological support to displaced families.

The meeting also addressed the situation in Murzuk, with discussions emphasizing the need to restore services in coordination with relevant entities. This would enable displaced residents to return and participate in rebuilding efforts.

The attendees also turned their attention to conditions in other parts of the southern region besides Murzuk. Al-Koni and Abid called for the resumption of vital projects that have been halted in the south. They advocated for the establishment of developmental projects aimed at fostering development and ensuring stability in the region.

Source: Presidential Council


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