UNSMIL singles out four issues after reviewing Libya election laws

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) said Thursday that it had completed an initial technical review of the “Presidential Election Law no. 28/2023 and Parliamentary Election Law no. 27/2023”, which were officially received from the Speaker of the House of Representatives on 5 October.

UNSMIL commended the efforts of the 6+6 Joint Committee in drafting the laws, which it said they represented a compromise amongst the members of the Committee, and expressed its appreciation for the progress achieved, despite the challenges and pressures faced by members of the 6+6.

Based on its initial review and consultations with relevant Libyan stakeholders, especially the High National Electoral Commission (HNEC), UNSMIL said it had believed that the updated laws constituted a working basis for the holding of elections and would require the commitment of all parties in good faith, especially the major leaders.

UNSMIL pointed out some contentious issues that needed to be addressed and resolved through a political settlement, describing the issues as a further manifestation of the lack of trust among Libyan political, military and security actors.

It asked for the provision for a mandatory second round for the presidential elections, regardless of the vote obtained by candidates, linking the presidential and parliamentary elections, making the National Assembly elections contingent on the success of the presidential elections, issuing a unified government to lead the country to elections and close the chapter of interim governments, and the full inclusion of Libyans, including women and all cultural components.

UNSMIL emphasized that those issues were political in nature and required a national compromise to take the country to elections, calling on major stakeholders to come forward in good faith and engage in a constructive dialogue to address these long-standing issues once and for all.

“Political leaders, military and security actors, civil society organizations and traditional leaders must demonstrate responsible and accountable leadership that enables all Libyans to exercise their political rights, bringing an end to transitional arrangements through peaceful and inclusive national elections.” UNSMIL said.

It added that the Libyan people “deserve peace, stability and progress. Elections represent the only way for that brighter future for the country. Libyans deserve it and the international community must support the realization of this long-awaited aspiration.”


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